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Magnus Riise (aka Magnus Tonning Riise) is a Norwegian-American recording artist. His debut EP, Until Tomorrow, has been streamed in over 70 countries, and has garnered press from outlets with a total reach of hundreds of millions of views, including HuffPost, The Advocate, Instinct, Queerty, and Gayety. Magnus' bold visual EP (where every song has a corresponding video), explores difficult subjects close to his heart like mental health, sexuality, loss, and self-acceptance-- and is the product of a collaboration with artists who have won VMAs, garnered hundreds of millions of streams for their work, and have starred on Broadway and network television.


Magnus has toured his music in both the US and internationally; performing in New York, London, Liverpool, Oslo, Copenhagen, and Denver. He hosts a show at VERS in Hell's Kitchen on the first Sunday of every month, focused on showcasing emerging queer pop talent. If you're a queer artist who'd like to be featured, please reach out with links to your work!

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